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L.S. 1471


A uniquely formulated liquid treatment containing micro-organisms that actually digest grease, fats, oils and other organic substances in grease traps. “L.S.1471" immediately starts to digest waste when it comes in contact with water and starts to produce a “biofilm” of these safe and effective micro-organisms. The micro-organisms present in L.S.1471 actually aid municipal treatment plants by beginning the biodegradation process at the source and does not facilitate the passage of FOG or hydrocarbons through an interceptor.

Applications: Municipal and civic waste water treatment plants, grease traps, pipes, drains, lift stations and anywhere grease is accumulated.

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L.S. 1471 SDS
L.S. 1471 SDS French
LS 1471 Information Sheet
LS 1471 Information Sheet French
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