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Environmental Awareness
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Environmental Awareness & Community Involvement

Environmental Awareness & Community Involvement
Chemfax Products has recently built and moved into a new state of the art manufacturing facility. The building was manufactured using R30 insulation instead of the standard R20, an energy efficient heating system was installed to cut down on CO2 emissions and energy efficient lighting was put in throughout. It has a self contained storage facility in case of a chemical spill along with an impermeable barrier under the production facility in case of an accidental chemical leak which prevents materials penetrating into the ground and water table. Everything was upgraded to levels above and beyond the standard building codes. We also use energy efficient motors and equipment to reduce energy consumption. As well, at certain outside air temperatures, we use a state of the art air makeup unit during production to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

We have discontinued the use of many harmful chemicals from our line and replaced them with environmentally friendly products. We have also discontinued the use of many hazardous ingredients and replaced them before any government regulations are put into place.

We have had a recycling program in place for over 16 years. We recycle all paper, cardboard, wood pallets, plastic pails, plastic bags, plastic drums, metal pails and metal drums.

All possible steps are taken to reduce waste generation during manufacture and shipping. Where possible Chemfax Products Ltd has increased batch sizes and run continuous batch production, which reduces waste and water consumption used for cleaning.

Chemfax practices responsible care not because we have to, but because its our commitment to ethics, integrity, excellence and a vision to be the best at what we do.

Environmental Awareness & Community Involvement
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