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The dedication of every Chemfax team member enables us to deliver on our commitments. The Chemfax team represents an impressive array of experience, training and education.

  • Plant operators and chemists proudly ensure consistent production and product quality.
  • Shipping coordinators make sure your product is delivered on time and safely.
  • Sales representatives interface before, during and after the sale, providing expertise that generates results through optimum use of our products
At Chemfax, we all pride ourselves on our commitment to think outside the box as well as always looking for ways to better ourselves and our products. This forward thinking has made us leaders in our industry both in the high environmental standards that we set and the quality of products we manufacture. Chemfax prides itself with long term and dedicated team of individuals who are extremely experienced in the specialty chemical industry.

Over the past 45 years, Chemfax has developed hundreds of specialty chemicals in our line and blended many other well known private labeled products. With a large part of our business in custom blending, we can meet your specific requirements and solve any problem that you may need a solution for. No job is too small or too big for us to handle. From your smallest to your largest need, we can help you operate your business cost effectively and efficiently. With our extensive experience we are confident that we will meet and exceed all of your expectations.
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