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Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
All products are tested prior to leaving the facility, to ensure they meet product specifications. Records are retained indefinitely and QC samples are retained for a period of two years. Batch numbers are issued to each production run and are printed onto all labels. These can be specified by clients or generated by Chemfax.

QC samples can be retained by Chemfax and/or duplicate samples forwarded to the client. For every Toll Blending client, separate QC binders are maintained. Certificates of analysis are issued for every batch of product manufactured. QC testing regimes are usually provided by the client but can be prepared by our laboratory staff.

Chemfax or the client can produce a “Production Record Sheet” to confirm quantities used and verify raw materials.

All analytical test equipment is calibrated on a regular basis, and is maintained to a high standard.

All staff are trained in the relevant QC techniques

Chemfax Products retains copies of all raw materials and finished product MSDS/labels and process sheets as long as we have materials on site.
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