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Custom Blending
Custom Blending Services
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Custom Blending Services

Custom Blending Services

With over 45 years experience of chemical blending and formulating, Chemfax has grown to be a thriving industry leader, distributing our products across Canada and overseas. Our products are used in various industries from fire fighting to wastewater treatment and from food processing to the oil and gas industry.

Chemfax performs custom blending and formulating to clients specifications. Services include quality control testing, secrecy agreements and laboratory support. Secrecy agreements are signed by all employees of Chemfax, and are in place for all custom blend clients.

Additional services available for custom blend clients include, material safety data sheet, label preparation and custom packaging (silk screened pails and bags, in company colours with company logos). Chemfax can also assist with product development and sourcing of raw materials.

Minimum quantities are required for all custom blending. They are as follows:

205 litre drums x 8
20 litre pails x 72
4 litre containers x 288
909 ml bottles x 864

Other package sizes, including bulk quantities in tote and tankers are also available.

Custom Blending Services
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