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Enviroline® - Product List
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Enviroline® - Product List

Enviroline® - Product List




Is a solid, bacteria-laden, organic block for use in degrading organic waste.Read more for details


An anti-bacterial liquid hand soap formulated with biodegradable ingredients. Read more for details

Chem-Fire Glycerine 48

A high quality non-toxic glycerine blend anti-freeze for sprinkler systemsRead more for details

Chem-Frost 100%

A high quality non-toxic heavy duty heat transfer fluid specifically blended for our harsh Northern climates. A 100% virgin Propylene Glycol with PDT premier inhibitors to help prevent corrosion. Read more for details

Chem-Frost 50%

A high quality non-toxic heavy duty heat transfer fluid. 50% virgin Propylene Glycol with PDT premier inhibitors to help prevent corrosion, blended using reverse osmosis water.Read more for details

Clear View

It is designed to easily dissolve oils, smudges and films off of glass and stainless steel, leaving an invisible dirt resistant coating. Read more for details

Dream Clean

A uniquely formulated detergent for car and truck washes. Dream Clean contains active ingredients that strip away road film in seconds leaving vehicles spotless. Read more for details

Dust Buster

A uniquely formulated dust treatment designed to reduce dust caused by dry soils. Read more for details

Enviro Melt

An extremely effective ice melter that eliminates ice in hazardous areas. 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Read more for details


A unique chemical formula designed to create an effective odour barrier in plumbing systems. Read more for details


Formulated for uses in bulk foam hand soap dispensers. Foamy will leave hands clean and smooth. Read more for details

Fresh 'N' Up

A cherry scented air freshener. Biodegradable and user friendly Fresh ‘N’ Up provides instant odour control in problem areas. Read more for details


A high foaming, biodegradable gas leak detector. Acting quickly, G.L.D. detects gas leaks immediately and foams for up to 30 minutes. Comes in 3 formulas, regular temp. 0°C, low temp. -30°C and extra low temp. -60°C. Read more for details

Jack Hammer

A uniquely formulated non-corrosive descaler and concrete remover. Jack Hammer is biodegradable and can be used safely and effectively on any surface. Read more for details

L.S. 1471

A uniquely formulated liquid treatment containing micro-organisms that actually digest grease, fats, oils and other organic substances in grease traps. Read more for details

Liquid Fire

A super concentrated environmentally friendly liquid ice melter. Melts ice and snow at temperatures of below -51°C. Read more for details


A highly concentrated biodegradable car, truck, and bus wash soap. A fast acting detergent for use in automated or pressure wash systems. Read more for details

Neutra Clean

A neutral concentrated biodegradable multipurpose cleaner and degreaser. Neutra-Clean can be sprayed, wiped or mopped on and allowed to soak for a few minutes depending on application desired. Read more for details

No Dirt

Is a super concentrated biodegradable, multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and wax stripper.Read more for details

Odour Out

Highly effective Micro-organisms that digest organic substances such as mould, mildew, urine, feces from all types of areas.Read more for details

Power Solv

A super concentrated, biodegradable, multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and wax stripper.Read more for details


Formulated specifically for recirculating vehicle wash systems. Reclaim contains specific surfactants, wetting agents and detergents that quickly remove dirt and road film leaving vehicles with a high shine. Read more for details


Liquid micro-organisms that digest organic and petroleum based substances in septic tanks, holding tanks, sumps and anywhere organic and petroleum waste is held.Read more for details


A unique chemical coating that creates a transparent film to prevent the adhesion of concrete, tar and asphalts and other materials on metal surfaces. Read more for details

Spit Fire

An environmentally friendly ice and snow melter. Formulated with unique ingredients and inhibitors that help prevent damage to concrete, rebar and vegetation.Read more for details

Sweeping Compound

Formulated with canola oil, this product is 100% environmentally safe and completely biodegradable. For use in dusty environments to control and hold dust particles as they are being swept. Read more for details

Ultra Clean

A highly concentrated liquid dish washing detergent, completely biodegradable with a neutral pH. Ultra clean cuts through grease and grime instantly. Read more for details

Vanilla Hand & Body Wash

A gentle cleaner, formulated with unique ingredients leaving skin clean, smooth and soft. Vanilla Hand & Body Wash has a fresh clean scent and is safe on even the most sensitive skin. Read more for details


Melts ice and snow at temperatures of below -51 degrees celcius.Read more for details

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