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Pressure Washer Chemicals - Product List
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Pressure Washer Chemicals - Product List

Pressure Washer Chemicals - Product List



C.H. 25

A powerful degreaser and cleaner for baked on grease and carbon. Excellent for restaurant equipment, filters, pumps, engines, machinery, and anywhere a heavy build up of grease or carbon is encountered. Read more for details

Chem Bright

An aluminum and stainless steel brightener and cleaner for hard to clean surfaces. Read more for details

Chem Soft

A highly concentrated car, truck, and equipment wash soap. Read more for details

Chem Sol

A heavy duty biodegradable degreaser and cleaner. Specially designed for steam cleaners, pressure washers and pre-soak applications. Read more for details

Clean & Shine

For use in pressure and touchless vehicle wash systems. Non corrosive and biodegradable Clean & Shine is a revolutionary vehicle wash detergent.Read more for details

Dirt Gone

A highly concentrated powdered degreaser and cleaner for use in high pressure parts washers. Read more for details

Dream Clean

A uniquely formulated detergent for car and truck washes. Dream Clean contains active ingredients that strip away road film in seconds leaving vehicles spotless. Read more for details

Hot Wax

A concentrated spray wax designed to coat and protect a variety of surfaces from dirt, mud and sand. Read more for details

L.R.T. Cleaner

Designed specifically to remove soot and carbon from any surface. Read more for details

M.S. Cleaner

A powerful cleaner and degreaser, specially designed to clean and brighten painted surfaces and aluminum. Read more for details


A highly concentrated biodegradable car, truck, and bus wash soap. A fast acting detergent for use in automated or pressure wash systems. Read more for details

Pit Bull

An environmentally friendly powdered vehicle and equipment detergent that does not contain any caustics.Read more for details

Power Steam

A heavy-duty biodegradable degreaser and pressure washer chemical. Specially designed for cleaning and degreasing vehicles, motors, industrial equipment and concrete floors. Read more for details

Rinse Agent

Is a unique rinse additive used in the rinse cycle allowing quick drying without spotting or streaking.Read more for details


A concentrated and biodegradable car, truck, and equipment wash soap. Quickly penetrates dirt, grease, and oil cutting through road film leaving vehicles clean and bright with no residue. Read more for details

Stay Bright

A unique low p.H. pre-soak for car and truck washes. Also an excellent cleaner for polished aluminum and stainless steel that will not whiten or dull the finish when used as directed.Read more for details


A high quality cleaner designed for use in touchless or pressure wash systems. Formulated with revolutionary surfactants, detergents and wetting agents to strip dirt and road film off of vehicles and equipment quickly and easily. Read more for details

Triple D

Is a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, furiside, mildewstat, and sanitizer with organic soil tolerance. APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA FOR THE COVID 19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE.Read more for details

Triple Play

A versatile engine cleaner, tire cleaner and pre-soak all in one. Triple Play covers all the bases economically and with great results. Read more for details

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