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Janitorial Chemicals - Product List
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Janitorial Chemicals - Product List

Janitorial Chemicals - Product List



20/20 Glass Cleaner

An economical concentrated glass cleaner that quickly and effectively dissolves grease oil and smudges.Read more for details

A1 Graffiti Remover

An environmentally friendly graffiti remover. Removes pen, felt, paint, lipstick and crayon from most surfaces.Read more for details


A germicidal de-limer, toilet bowl and urinal opener. Cleans and removes lime, rust and scale. Read more for details

Clear View

It is designed to easily dissolve oils, smudges and films off of glass and stainless steel, leaving an invisible dirt resistant coating. Read more for details


A highly concentrated defoamer. Specially designed to eliminate any and all types of foam. Read more for details

Dust Magnet

A uniquely formulated dust mop treatment designed to attract dust to mops and keep areas dust free. Read more for details


A lemon or bubblegum air freshener. Provides instant action and continuous odour control in problem areas. Read more for details

Emergency Spill Kit

1- 20 Gallon plastic container c/w snap on lid Read more for details

Fresh 'N' Up

A cherry scented air freshener. Biodegradable and user friendly Fresh ‘N’ Up provides instant odour control in problem areas. Read more for details

Neutra Clean

A neutral concentrated biodegradable multipurpose cleaner and degreaser. Neutra-Clean can be sprayed, wiped or mopped on and allowed to soak for a few minutes depending on application desired. Read more for details

No Dirt

Is a super concentrated biodegradable, multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and wax stripper.Read more for details

Pine One

A highly concentrated multi-purpose pine cleaner and degreaser. Excellent cleaning properties for floors, walls and anywhere light or heavy cleaning is required. Read more for details


A uniquely formulated sealer/finish for use on all types of floors. Perfect undercoat for metallic finishes. Restores natural beauty of floors. Seals out dirt, water and stains and leaves a clear hard gloss finish. Read more for details

Quick Strip

A highly concentrated no scrub floor stripper. Uniquely formulated to remove waxes and sealers from all types of floors with no machine needed. Read more for details

Spring Clean

A highly concentrated carpet and upholstery cleaner. Designed to lift dirt, grease and oil. “Spring Clean” is formulated with an optical brightener to restore the new look of carpets and upholstery. Read more for details

Sweeping Compound

Formulated with canola oil, this product is 100% environmentally safe and completely biodegradable. For use in dusty environments to control and hold dust particles as they are being swept. Read more for details


A tub, tile, toilet bowl cleaner and descaler. Reacts fast in removing scale, soap scum, grease, rust, and stains from porcelain, tile, and chrome. Read more for details


Sweet smelling deodorizing pellets that destroys offensive odours on contact from garbage, vomit and faecal matter, etc. Read more for details

Track 5

Concentrated rug, carpet, and upholstery pre spray and spot remover. Designed to remove coffee stains, grease oil mud and dirt. Read more for details

Triple D

Is a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, furiside, mildewstat, and sanitizer with organic soil tolerance. APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA FOR THE COVID 19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE.Read more for details


A highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner and degreaser. “Tri-Power” can be sprayed, brushed and allowed to soak for a few minutes depending on application desired. Read more for details


A uniquely formulated metal complex floor finish with an interlocking bond to protect the finish and help keep floors looking clean for long periods of time. Read more for details

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